THE Complete Game

The Complete Game

  • September 17-Remember

    September 17-Remember

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 78:35

    On this date in 2001 after a six day hiatus, Major League Baseball games are played for the first time since the September 11th attacks. At Busch Stadium in St. Louis during a pregame ceremony Cardinals announcer Jack Buck captures the mood of a nation with the reading of an original poem, “We Shall Overcome.” A brand new baseball tradition begins when the song, “God Bless America” is sung during the 7th inning stretch of all six games. That tradition continues today with the singing of “God Bless America” at each 7th inning stretch of every Sunday game in the Major Leagues.

    In our Scripture verse today the Psalmist wants us to remember that God is our Rock and our Redeemer. God is someone who we can always count on, who will always be there for us. Not only is he the Rock we can attach our lives to each day, He is our Redeemer. God sent His Son to redeem us from the penalty of sin and death. God saves us and He sustains us, that is a pretty good combination!

    1. How can God be our Rock?

    2. How did God redeem us?

    3. Why do we need to remember those qualities of God every day?

    We as a nation will always remember what happened on 9-11. We also must always remember that God is our Rock and our Redeemer.

  • September 16-Youth

    September 16-Youth

    Scripture Lesson: 1 Samuel 17:55-58

    On this date in 1914 at the age of 23, Yankee shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh is hired to replace Frank Chance as manager of the club. During his 20 game tenure, Peckinpaugh will finish 10-10 for the sixth place club.

    After defeating and beheading the giant Goliath, David becomes an instant celebrity in Israel. King Saul asks his number one general Abner to find out who this young man is. Abner brings David to Saul and Saul wants to know, “Whose son are you, young man?” Even in his youth David was able to accomplish great things for God’s Kingdom. By the time he faced Goliath, the prophet Samuel had already anointed David to become the next king of Israel. God was able to use David at a young age for His service.

    1. How old do you have to be to serve God? Can God use you at any age?

    2. What does it take to be used by God at any age?

    3. Why must we be after God’s own heart as it was said of David?

    God will use us at any age, no matter how young or how old, when we are usable with clean hearts.

  • September 15-Gnats

    September 15-Gnats

    Scripture Lesson: Exodus 8:16-19

    On this date in 1946 the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs 2-0 in five innings when the game is called because of gnats. The insects became such a problem for the players, umpires, and fans that the game had to be stopped.

    The third of the ten plagues god sent on Pharaoh and his people was the plague of gnats. If you ever have had the experience of being around those worry some creatures, you can understand how that plague would be one that could drive people crazy. It is something about all that buzzing around that gets on the last nerve we have. God wanted to get the attention of Pharaoh to let His people go, but Pharaoh’s heart was hard and it took 7 more plagues to finally get him to see things God’s way.

    1. What is God using today to attempt to get our attention?

    2. What does it take to able to hear what god wants us to hear?

    3. How can the noise of this world drown out the voice of God in our hearts?

    God may use some extraordinary means to get our attention, may we have ears and hearts that hear Him every day.

  • September 14-Speaking

    September 14-Speaking

    Scripture Lesson: James 3:9-12

    On this date in 1914 after being ejected for swearing, Johnny Evers claims to be talking to the baseball and not to umpire Mal Eason. The Braves shortstop is still suspended for three days.

    Our Scripture lesson today concludes a longer discourse on taming the tongue. James is reminding the early church and us today of some very important ideas in regard to our speaking. James does not understand how out of the same mouth can come one minute praises to God and the next minute cursing to our fellow man. He is very blunt in saying to all of us, “This should not be!” What comes out of our mouths is usually in our hearts. We need to be on guard to keep a clean heart. When we have a clean heart and the sin is confessed out on a regular basis, we will have a clean mouth. Our speech should reflect our love and devotion to God.

    1. Why is it important to consistent in our speech?

    2. Why should we keep our hearts clean?

    3. How can negative speech affect those around us?

    God needs consistent believers who have both clean hearts and clean mouths.

  • September 13-Run

    September 13-Run

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 4:10-19

    On this date in 1909 Ty Cobb clinches the American League home run title with his ninth home run. All of Cobb’s home runs were inside-the-park. He is the only player since 1900 to lead the league in home runs without hitting one out of the park.

    The writer of Proverbs is giving advice in our Scripture lesson that will keep one able to run through life without stumbling. The advice is to stay away from the path of the path of the wicked. In other words, keep away from evil at all costs. When you hang out with evil, evil will bring you down to its low level. Evil is darkness and will cause you to stumble and fall every time. While on the other hand, the path of righteousness is one of light. That advice holds true today. It is very important who you spend your time with in life. Bad influences will put us in compromising situations that will cause us more often than not to compromise our faith.

    1. Why is it important to look at who we spend time with in life?

    2. Why should we run from evil and its influences?

    3. Which pathway do we see ourselves on today, evil or righteousness?

    To hit an inside the park home run in life, we must avoid the pitfalls of evil and its influences.

  • September 12-Rules

    September 12-Rules

    Scripture Lesson: Matthew 22:34-40

    On this date in 1930 Brooklyn catcher Al Lopez drives one over the head of Cincinnati left fielder Bob Meusel, and the ball bounces into the bleachers at Ebbets Field. It will be the Major League’s last recorded bounce home run. The National League declares after the season such a hit will now be a ground rule double, following the lead of the American League who made the change first after the 1929 season.

    Jesus was asked by the Pharisees what the greatest commandment (rule) was in the law. Jesus answered them, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.” These two rules to live by will enable us to live our lives more like Jesus. We need to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds. We also need to love everyone else as much as we love ourselves. We can live happy and productive lives for God’s Kingdom when we love like the two rules say we should.

    1. What does it meant to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds?

    2. What does it meant to love our neighbors as ourselves?

    3. Do you think this kind of love is what the world needs most? Why?

    Loving God and loving our fellow man, does not get any better!

  • September 11-Motive

    September 11-Motive

    Scripture Lesson: 1 Chronicles 28:9-10

    On this date in 2009 prior to the start of the 8th inning at Comerica Park, a small boy races to the pitcher’s mound and grabs a baseball intended for Tigers reliever Brandon Lyon. The youngster is helped back into the stands on the visitors’ side. He is allowed to keep the ball after a discussion between the boy’s uncle and ballpark security. The discussion reveals that the six-year old boy misunderstood a suggestion to go to the railing to try to get a ball from one of the Blue Jays players.

    These verses from 1Chronicles are the words that King David gives to his son and heir Solomon. He reminds his son to follow God with his whole heart and a willing mind. God will search every heart and will see the motives behind his thoughts and actions. God today is still interested in our serving Him with our whole hearts and minds. God also wants us to serve Him with the right motives. God wants us to seek Him and to do the work He has in store for us to accomplish for Him. We can only do the work god has for us when we follow Him with every ounce of our being and do so with the right motives!

    1. What are our motives for serving God? Remember he knows.

    2. Why must we serve God with all our being?

    3. Why does God deserve our best when we serve Him?

    When we serve God with all our hearts and minds with the right motives in our hearts great things can be accomplished for the Kingdom.

  • September 10-Accomplishment

    September 10-Accomplishment

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 62:5-8

    On this date in 1989 five days after hitting a home run for the New York Yankees in a 12-2 win over the Mariners, Deion Sanders returns a punt for a touchdown in his NFL debut with the Atlanta Falcons. “Prime Time” is the first person to accomplish both feats in the same week at the professional level.

    David reminds us of the accomplishments of God. God is the source of David’s hope in difficult times. God is there for David as his rock, his fortress, and his salvation. David’s call to the people is to trust God at all times and pour out your hearts to Him. The great reminder from these verses is God is going to do the very same thing for us. He will be our rock, our fortress, and our salvation. God desires that we trust Him in everything and pour out our hearts to Him! We can find refuge and peace from the cares of the world in Him.

    1. Why should our hope be in God?

    2. How can God be our rock and our fortress?

    3. How do we show God our trust?

    God is just waiting for us to come to Him in trust, relying on His strength and power.

  • September 9-Consistency

    September 9-Consistency

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 102: 24-28

    On this date in 1977 in the second game of a doubleheader in Boston, Tigers rookies Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell debut together. They will hold down the second base and shortstop jobs in Detroit for a record nineteen years.

    The Psalmist sings today of the eternal everlasting God. He remarks that God’s years go on through all generations. God was there form the very beginning of time laying the foundation for the earth. Creation is the handiwork of the eternal God. The Psalmist knows everything in this world will pass away and change. However, God will always remain the same now and forever. That consistency of God continues to this day to be a blessing for us!

    1. What does God’s consistency mean in your life?

    2. What kind of consistency does God expect from you?

    3. Thank God today for His consistent love for the world.

    God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and we get to experience His consistent love!

  • September 8-Secret

    September 8-Secret

    Scripture Lesson: Matthew 6:1-4

    On this date in 1916 Philadelphia A’s slugger Wally Schang is the first player in Major League history to hit a home run from each side of the plate in a game, against the New York Yankees at Shibe Park. Because of the rain soaked day another record was set. Only 23 fans attended the game making it the smallest crowd in American League history. Not many people saw the record breaking day.

    In these words from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warns against doing good deeds for others for the purpose of being seen by others. Jesus wants us to do those good deeds in secret not for the praise of man, but for the praise of God. God will reward us for random acts of kindness when we do those without drawing attention to ourselves. When we serve others for the praise of man that is just what we will receive. However, when we serve others without drawing attention to ourselves, God sees that and He will reward us. To receive the praise of man or reward by God, that should be an easy choice for us all!

    1. Why should we serve others without drawing attention to ourselves?

    2. How do you feel when you serve others?

    3. What is more important to us the praise of man or the reward of God? Why?

    Do something special today for someone and keep it between God and you.

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