THE Complete Game

The Complete Game

  • August 22-For Others

    August 22-For Others

    Scripture Lesson: Luke 6:27-31

    On this date in 1992 in the seventh inning of a Class A Florida State League Game, the Clearwater Phillies string together two walks and two sacrifice bunts to score the game’s only run beating the Winter Haven Red Sox 1-0. Opposing pitchers Andy Carter and Scott Bakkum do not give up any hits making this the first professional game to be hitless in forty years.

    Today’s Scripture passage is indeed a familiar one. It has the verse of Scripture known as the “Golden Rule”. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” These words of Jesus come at the conclusion of a section of teaching that deals with loving one’s enemies. Jesus wants us to understand that if we live life treating others how we want to be treated, the world is going to be a better place to live. It is living life concerned about others and sacrificing for them that makes the Golden Rule come to life.

    1. How do you want to be treated in life?

    2. How do you try to treat others, even those who are not your friends?

    3. What does it take to live the Golden Rule?

    The world will be a much better place to live when we as believers truly master the Golden Rule.

  • August 21-Brother Helping Brother

    August 21-Brother Helping Brother

    Scripture Lesson: John 1:40-42

    On this date in 1975 the Reuschel brothers of the Cubs join forces to blank the Dodgers 6-0. Rick goes the first 6 1/3 innings and Paul finishes the game. This is the first ever complete game shutout thrown by brothers.

    Andrew was one of Jesus’ first disciples. As soon as Andrew decided to follow Jesus, he went to his brother Simon and told him that we have found the Messiah. Not only did Andrew tell Simon about Jesus , he brought Simon to see Jesus. When Jesus saw Simon he changed his name to Peter which means rock. Even though Andrew was one of the first disciples, it was his brother Peter who rose to prominence. There is no record of any bad feelings by Andrew, he was just concerned about bringing his brother to Jesus.

    1. Who is the person we need to bring to Jesus?

    2. What are the attributes of Andrew we need to have in our lives?

    3. Describe the love Andrew had for his brother.

    Andrew could not wait to tell his brother about Jesus and bring him to see Jesus. We need to be that diligent to tell others about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • August 20-Music

    August 20-Music

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 27:4-6

    On this date in 1964 due to a misunderstanding caused by Mickey Mantle misinforming his teammate that manager Yogi Berra had asked for the harmonica to be played louder, a confrontation occurred on the back of the bus between Berra who asked for the music to stop and utility player Phil Linz. Some believe the well-publicized incident fired up the 3rd place team, who had just lost four straight to the White Sox in Chicago to a successful pennant run.

    This Psalm is a Psalm of David. David desires to spend his days in God’s house spending time with Him. Through all the times when men have been after him, David knew God was always there for him. No matter who was after him, God would protect him. These facts about God’s love and care for him, caused David to break out into song and make music to the Lord. He was so overjoyed the music just came out of him to praise God.

    1. How has music spoken to your heart about God?

    2. What is your favorite hymn or praise song? Why?

    3. Sing or hum that song now in praise and adoration to God.

    Music is just another way to grow closer to God and to worship Him.

  • August 19-Generations

    August 19-Generations

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 89:1-2

    On this date in 1992 when Mariners second baseman Bret Boone, the grandson of Ray Boone (1948-60), and the son of Bob Boone (1972-90) makes a start against the Orioles, he becomes part of the first three-generation family to ever play in the Major Leagues.

    The Psalmist is singing of God’s great love and faithfulness. His love and faithfulness remains the same through all generations. The Psalmist wants all generations to be reminded and told of God’s great love and faithfulness. God’s love and faithfulness is the same today as it was so many centuries before. In fact His love and faithfulness never changes for His people. Ass the song says, “What the world needs now is love sweet love”. Allow me to change that to say, “What the world needs now is God’s love His sweet love!” His love is the same as it was in the time of King David and will be the same forever and ever throughout the generations to come!

    1. Describe how it feels to you that God’s love is so constant.

    2. How can we be a part of sharing His love and faithfulness?

    3. Take time right now to thank God for His great love and faithfulness.

    It is reassuring to know that God’s faithfulness and love for us never changes. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  • August 18-Appeared

    August 18-Appeared

    Scripture Lesson: 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

    On this date in 1982, passing Hank Aaron, Pete Rose becomes the all-time leader in plate appearances when he steps up to the plate for the 13,941st time.

    Paul is reminding the Romans of the resurrection and the events that followed. Jesus appeared to Peter, then the rest of the disciples, after that he appeared to over 500 believers, then to James and the rest of the apostles, and last of all Jesus appeared to Paul on the Damascus Road. Paul went in this great detail about Jesus’ appearances after his resurrection to prove to the Romans that Jesus was raised from the dead and that He lives. Many people witnessed the risen Lord, including Paul. Those events were proof that Jesus not only died but God raised Him from the dead.

    1. What are some ways God can connect with you?

    2. Why was it important for Paul to list the appearances of Jesus?

    3. How does God speak to us today?

    Many witnesses saw the Risen Lord. May people see the evidence of the Risen Lord today by the way we live our lives!

  • August 17-Still a Record

    August 17-Still a Record

    Scripture Lesson: Mark 16:1-8

    On this date in 1894 Jack Wadsworth of the National League’s Louisville club sets a record that still stands today by giving up twenty-eight singles in one game.

    Today’s Scripture lesson is another record that still stands today. Of all the major religions of the world, only one can say that the tomb is empty. When the women went to the tomb that first Easter morning, they expected to finish putting the burial spices on the body of Jesus. Instead they saw the stone had been rolled away from the tomb and it was empty. Angels told them not to be alarmed they were not going to find Jesus in the tomb for He had risen. Death could not hold our Savior in the tomb. He lives today in heaven and one day he is going to come again to this world for his people! That is a record that will last until eternity comes!

    1. How does it make you feel to know the tomb is still empty?

    2. How do you think the women felt that first Easter morning?

    3. How should we live to show the world the tomb is empty?

    We cannot rest until everyone in this world has heard the tomb is still empty!

  • August 16-Death

    August 16-Death

    Scripture Lesson: Philippians 2:8

    On this date in 1920 at the Polo Grounds, Indians shortstop Ray Chapman suffers a skull fracture and dies the next day as a result of being hit by Yankee’s Carl Mays’ fastball. Chapman will be the only on field fatality in Major League Baseball history. His death began the discussion of safety for the players that culminated in the use of batting helmets in the 1950’s.

    Today’s Scripture verse is about another death in history. In fact this death is the only death in the history of the world that can bring about eternal life for those who believe. Jesus humbles Himself and came to this world for only one purpose and that was to die for the sins of humanity. He followed God’s will for His life by going to the cross to die and he did so willingly because of His love for us! Jesus died the awful death on the cross, so that we might be able to enjoy eternal life in heaven. All we have to do is to accept the free gift of grace God gave us and believe!

    1. Why was the death of Jesus so important?

    2. What did Jesus give up to come to this world?

    3. Why did Jesus have to die such a cruel death on the cross?

    Praise God today for His love for us that sent Jesus to this world to die for our sins!

  • August 15-Confusion

    August 15-Confusion

    Scripture Lesson: Genesis 11:1-9

    On this date in 1926 when Babe Herman doubles with the bases loaded three Dodgers end up on third base. The runner on second rounds third but decides to go back as the runner from first reaches the same base, and a few seconds later Herman slides in to join his two teammates on third base. I never though the question who is on third could be answered with three names.

    In our Scripture passage today, we understand how different languages occurred. It seems the people were getting too proud and sure of themselves. They decided to build a tower to heaven to make a name for themselves. They wanted to elevate themselves to God’s status. God caused a great confusion to be among the people in such a way that they were scattered all over the earth and their language was different. Confusion always arises when we become proud and arrogant in the way we live and approach God.

    1. How does pride affect our relationship with God?

    2. What happens when our priorities are out of order?

    3. Describe the last time pride got in your way.

    We can’t get a clear word from God when we attempt to elevate ourselves above God.

  • August 14-Brothers

    August 14-Brothers

    Scripture Lesson: Luke 15:25-32

    Today is the birthday of Paul “Daffy” Dean a pitcher for the Gas House Gang Cardinals of the 1930’s. He is the brother of Jerome Hanna “Dizzy” Dean also a pitcher for the Cardinals and the Cubs. Paul was a great pitcher for the Cardinals in 1934-35. After hurting his arm in 1936, he was never the same again. Quiet and reserved unlike his loud and boisterous brother, Paul retired back to Arkansas where he lived on his farm until he died on March 17,1981, of a heart attack. There was no better one two punch in baseball in 1934-35 than Dizzy and Daffy Dean.

    Today’s Scripture lesson is also about two brothers. After the prodigal son returned home, his older brother who had remained home carrying out his father’s wishes, became angry at the younger brother. He did not think it was fair for the younger brother who had wasted his inheritance to be welcomed back with a big party. The father was quick to point out that it was a cause for celebration because the lost son was now found and back where he belonged with the family. It must have been very difficult for the older brother to forgive his younger brother and to accept him back into the family.

    1. Would you have reacted differently than the older brother? Why or Why not?

    2. Why is it sometimes hard for us to forgive?

    3. How much joy have we missed by being unforgiving?

    When we neglect ot forgive and forget we only hurt ourselves!

  • August 13-Endurance

    August 13-Endurance

    Scripture Lesson: Romans 15:4

    On this date in 1950 in the bottom of the 22nd inning, with both starting pitchers still in the game, Don Richmond singles down the right field line plating Dick Cole to give the Rochester Red Wings a 3-2 victory over the Jersey City Giants. Tom Poholsky, after yielding two unearned runs in the top of the second, goes on to pitch 20 consecutive scoreless innings for the complete game victory. While Giant pitcher Andy Tomasic also goes the distance giving up single runs in the first and second innings before losing the game in the bottom of the 22nd inning.

    Paul is wrapping up his letter to the Romans and is showing them how to have hope. Paul says to have hope, we must have endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures. Endurance means to keep on keeping on no matter what happens. The Christian life is not easy to live. It takes effort each and every day to withstand all the Satan throws at us. Nothing pleases Satan more than to cause us to fail and sin. It takes effort each day to beat him. We always have the hope and guidance that comes through the Bible to help us withstand what Satan throws at us. for us to live the Christian life to the fullest, we must have endurance to keep on keep on keeping on no matter what happens!

    1. Why is it important to have endurance in the Christian life?

    2. Where can we go to draw the strength and guidance we need to endure?

    3. Where does our hope come from to live for Him?

    The Christian life is not a sprint, it is a marathon that takes endurance to complete living for Christ each day!

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