THE Complete Game

The Complete Game

  • July 29-Greatness

    July 29-Greatness

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 34:1-10

    On this date in 1969 Major League Baseball proclaims Joe Dimaggio as its greatest living player as part of its centennial celebration. This title will be proudly embraced by Dimaggio until his death in 1999.

    David is so overcome by the greatness of God that this Psalm is written to extol some of God’s attributes. His greatness is found by how He takes care of His people. When we call on the Lord, He is there to save us. When we seek the Lord we will lack no good thing. God saved David in a time of great peril, he delivered him from a bad situation. God’s greatness is shown readily to His people who seek Him and follow Him. God wants us to experience even more of Him and His greatness. It is up to us to seek Him and follow Him every single day! Our God is Almighty and All-Powerful, great is the Lord!

    1. How has God been there for you?

    2. How has God shown you His greatness?

    3. How can we experience even more of God?

    Take a few minutes, google the words, and meditate on the words of the praise hymn, “How Great is our God!”.

  • July 28-Sameness

    July 28-Sameness

    Scripture Lesson: Romans 11:33-36

    On this date in 1963 Dick Ellsworth of the Chicago Cubs strikes out Cardinals left fielder Stan Musial three times in the Cubs 5-1 victory at Wrigley Field. It will be the only time in his 22 year career Musial is whiffed three times in a game, a span of 3,026 games. That is consistency.

    These verses found in Romans are a hymn of praise to God written to the Church at Rome by Paul. He is so overcome by the greatness of God he cannot help but burst forth into this hymn of praise. Verse 36 is the key verse for us today. Paul’s words, ”For from Him and through Him, and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen.” These words remind us of the sameness of God. It was by Him and through His power that all things came into being. God is the source of all good things. We should rejoice and praise His name for his sameness and goodness to us all. That is consistency.

    1. How is God the same?

    2. Why should we praise Him for what He has done?

    3. How does God show his consistency to us?

    God is the very same from the beginning of time through today, He is indeed the same and He loves us so very much! Praise Him for His consistent love.

  • July 27-Be Prepared

    July 27-Be Prepared

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 6:6-8

    On this date in 1890 Brooklyn’s American Association Club holds a 13-8 lead over Columbus in the 8th inning at Long Island Grounds, when they are forced to forfeit the game when they run out of baseballs.

    The writer of Proverbs today gives us an example of being prepared from nature. He scolds the lazy person for not making preparations and points him to the ant. Even though the ant has no one to oversee it or rule over it, the ant stores provisions in the summer to prepare for the winter ahead. By gathering it food in the summer, the ant is prepared for the winter when there is no food to gather. The writer tells the lazy person to consider the ways of the ant and it would be wise for him to follow those ways.

    1. How do you prepare to play or coach the game?

    2. Why is it hard and worth the time to prepare?

    3. What are some ways we can prepare to be used by God?

    Prepare for the game and for life by spending time and working hard. When we are prepared things go better and when we are not prepared watch out things will not be so good.

  • July 26-Judgement

    July 26-Judgement

    Scripture Lesson: Matthew 7:1-5

    On this date in 2011 the 19 inning six hour and thirty nine minute game between the Pirates and the Braves at Turner Field ends in a 4-3 Atlanta victory when home plate umpire Jerry Meals rules that Pirate catcher Michael McKenry had missed the tag of Julio Lugo at home. Replays clearly showed McKenry tagging Lugo out three feet in front of home.

    Jesus’ words today for us are from the Sermon on the Mount. He warns us about judging others. We are guilty of seeing the faults of others while we neglect to see our own faults. We will point out someone’s shortcomings while ignoring our own. Jesus calls that kind of behavior hypocritical. We must examine ourselves first, cleaning up our own lives and its faults before we move on to the lives of others. Jesus wants us to take a good hard look at ourselves. We need to see the things in our own lives that are not pleasing to God and get rid of them, the planks.

    1. When have we been guilty of looking for specks in others eyes?

    2. Why is it so hard to see our own faults?

    3. May we all ask God today to help us see the planks in our lives.

    The umpire obviously missed the call, we so many times obviously miss the call when it comes to the faults in our lives.

  • July 25-Home

    July 25-Home

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 3:33

    On this date in 1995 in the top of the fourth inning, Dante Bichette puts the Rockies ahead 6-4 with a three run homer off Jim Deshaies of the Phillies. It is Bichette’s 18th home run of the year, but his first on the road.

    The writer of Proverbs reminds us about home today. The house of the wicked will be cursed by God. God will bless the home of the righteous. It is vital for us to have homes that reflect the values of God. In today’s society the world needs to see what a home looks like where God is followed and loved. God will bless us when our homes are places where He is uplifted and loved. Our homes should reflect how we feel about God and they will do just that. If God is important to us people will be able to see that He is important.

    1. According to the writer of Proverbs, do you live in a blessed home? Why or why not?

    2. Why is it important for the world to see us living righteous lives?

    3. Thank God for your home and for all He does for you.

    We are blessed by God in our homes to be a blessing to others. Let’s use our homes to be a blessing by our living for God.

  • July 24-Praise

    July 24-Praise

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 150:1-6

    On this date in 1951 at spacious Forbes Field, Giants outfielder Willie Mays unable to reach across his body to make a catch with his glove of Rocky Nelson’s sinking 457 foot blast to center field, sticks out his bare hand and grabs the ball on the dead run to make the incredible final out of the inning. Branch Rickey, then Pirates’ General Manager, sends a note to the New York dugout during the game to the 20 year old rookie. The note reads, “That was the finest catch I have ever seen and the finest catch I ever expect to see.” This is high praise indeed for Willie Mays.

    Today we are blessed to read this wonderful Psalm of praise. The Psalmist is so overwhelmed by God’s greatness that he has to burst out in praise. Praise God for His acts of power and His greatness! The Psalmist wants to strike up the band in praise to God! (Could this have been the first praise band?) In verse 6, the Psalmist says if you breathe you must praise! The Psalm begins and ends with the words, “Praise the Lord”. If we will take a moment to stop our busy lives and think of all God has done for us we might do the very same thing, burst out in praise and adoration to our Heavenly Father!

    1. What is a praise you have been given you won’t forget?

    2. Why did the praise come?

    3. When is the last time we burst forth into praising God?

    God is worthy of our praise, why not take a few moments to praise Him for what he has done and who He is!

  • July 23-Unusual

    July 23-Unusual

    Scripture Lesson: 1 Kings 6:1-7

    On this date in 1975 at Three Rivers Stadium, Frank Taveras is picked off first base in an unusual play. After getting a big lead, to try to get a good jump on a sacrifice bunt, the Pirate shortstop is picked off when the catcher throws the ball to first base with the Phillies right fielder Jay Johnstone covering first base to complete the 2-9 play.

    Today’s Scripture lesson is another unusual event. Elisha and some of the prophets were going down by the Jordan River to cut some trees. As one of them was cutting down a tree the axhead flew off the handle and into the river sinking to the bottom. The lumberjack was horrified because he had borrowed the ax. Elisha asked where it went into the river. He then cut a stick and threw it into the river at the spot where the ax went into the water. The iron axhead floated to the top and the man reached out and got it. The man who had borrowed the ax must have felt relieved and grateful.

    1. Describe a time God came through for you when you needed Him the most.

    2. How did it make you feel?

    3. Why is it important to be ready to help someone in need?

    God cares for us by being there for us when we need Him. He often sends people to help us when we need the help. We should always be ready to be used by God to help others even in unusual circumstances.

  • July 22-Being a Father

    July 22-Being a Father

    Scripture Lesson: 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12

    On this date in 1966 the Mets left fielder learns he is a new dad when the Dodger Stadium scoreboard relays the message, “Congratulations Ron Swoboda. Your new son is being born tomorrow morning.” Cecilia Swoboda gave birth to Chipper, the couples’ first child at 1:05 am Eastern Standard Time making it the next day on the west coast.

    Paul is writing to the Thessalonians and telling them how he treated them, just like a father treats his children. Paul encouraged, comforted, and urged them to live lives worthy of God who calls us to heaven. All of his actions to the Thessalonians came from his love for them. One of the greatest gifts a man can be given is to be a father. With that great blessing comes a great responsibility to not only love his children like God loves us, but also to live a Christ like example of encouraging, comforting, and urging his children to live lives worthy of God.

    1. If you are a father today, have you lived up to what a Godly father should do? Why or why not?

    2. If you are a son or daughter, have you followed your father’s direction and received his love? Why or why not?

    3. Why is it important to love our children like our Heavenly Father loves us and for us as children to love our fathers like God loves us?

    Loving your children means wanting the very best for them, that is how our Heavenly Father loves each of us!

  • July 21-A Good Day

    July 21-A Good Day

    Scripture Lesson: Genesis 1:31

    On this date in 1946 Lew Fick sets a professional baseball record when he collects nine straight hits in a single game, before grounding out in the 19th inning opener against Memphis. The Little Rock Traveler AA outfielder will get three more hits in the night cap finishing the doubleheader 12 for 13.

    Our Scripture lesson form Genesis today completes creation. God had created the universe and everything in it. In the preceding five days God had created the world out of nothing. He created the world, the sun moon and stars, as well as the land, the seas, and all plants and animals. On the sixth day God created the jewel of His creation, mankind who was charged to take care of God’s Creation. When God saw what He had done and all He had made it was very good.

    1. Look around you where you are right now and marvel at God’s creation. ( I am writing these words overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, pretty easy for me to do.

    2. What does it mean to you that when god created mankind it was very good?

    3. Why were we created?

    God had a pretty good series of days creating the world and everything in it. We can have some pretty good days by serving and living for the Creator.

  • July 20-Getting Caught

    July 20-Getting Caught

    Scripture Lesson: Jeremiah 5:20-31

    On this date in 1944 St. Louis Browns pitcher Nels Potter is banned for 10 days becoming the first pitcher ever to be suspended for throwing a spitball. The spitball, shine ball, and the emery ball were outlawed by the Major League’s Joint Committee in 1920 which allowed the 17 pitchers using the doctored pitches at the time to continue to throw them until they retired.

    The prophet Jeremiah is instructed to tell the people that God is aware of what they are doing. They have turned away from God and to their sins. They should know better and think they have fooled God. Jeremiah points out on behalf of God that their sins have been known. The people who have stubborn and rebellious hearts are known by God and they are about to pay the consequences for their sins and neglect of God and His ways. God is going to punish them for their sinful ways.

    1. Growing up did you ever think you had pulled one over on your parents when they found out what you had done? How did that feel?

    2. Will mour sins catch up to us? How?

    3. What does Jeremiah say that our sins deprive us of in life?

    Our sins will always find us out. We can never fool God. The consequences of our sins is to be separated from Him and all the good He wants to do for us.

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