THE Complete Game

The Complete Game

  • May 6-Dedication

    May 6-Dedication

    Scripture Lesson: Romans 5:6-8

    Today is the birthday of Hall of Famer Willie Mays. The “Say Hey Kid” ended his career with 660 home runs, 1903 RBIs, and a .302 lifetime batting average. When asked about his success Mays said,” In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Without 100% dedication you will not be able to succeed.”

    In Paul’s letter to the Church at Rome, he reminds what true dedication is all about. God is so dedicated to saving humanity from their sins that He sent His Son to die for us. Even though we did not deserve this gift or neither could we ever earn this gift, God freely gave His Son for us. God loves us, He doesn’t want any of us to perish without the opportunity to accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. There is no greater demonstration of love and dedication than what God did for us in sending Jesus to the world to die for our sins and mistakes!

    1. How can we give 100% dedication to God?

    2. What has God done for each of us in this passage?

    3. How do we show God we love Him like He loves us?

    May each of us this day and every day be 100% dedicated to God in how we live and how we serve Him and our fellow man.

  • May 5-A Good Day

    May 5-A Good Day

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 84:10-12

    On this day in 1925 Hall of Famer Ty Cobb had a pretty good day at the plate. Cobb went 6 for 6, including 3 home runs, in the Tigers 14-8 win over the St. Louis Browns. Cobb’s 16 total bases set a new American League Record. I would say that was a day at the plate any one of us would gladly take!

    In today’s Scripture lesson, the Psalmist is showing us what a good day for him would be like. A good day is spent in the presence of God! There is no place the Psalmist would rather be than in God’s presence in His house. He also takes the time to remind us that God is light and protection. He also bestows favor and honor on those whose walk is blameless. We are blessed when we trust in God! A good day is filled with the presence of God and enjoying His fellowship and love as we walk with Him, trusting Him along the way!

    1. When is the last time we spent time in His presence as the psalmist describes?

    2. How would we characterize our walk with Him?

    3. How do we show the world we trust in God?

    God is waiting for us to enjoy a great day with Him. Why not take the time today to get away and spend some time with God and then walk with Him as we impact the world for Him!

  • May 4-Legacy

    May 4-Legacy

    Scripture Lesson: Acts 13:1-3

    On this date in 1975 the Giants defeat the Astros 8-6 in the first game of a double header at Candlestick Park. In the second inning Houston’s Bob Watson scores what is calculated to be the millionth run in Major League Baseball history. Philadelphia national Wes Fisler scored the first run on April 22, 1876.

    Today we get to see in our Scripture lesson the legacy of the Church at Antioch. Not only were there renown teachers and prophets in the church, but the church was led by the Holy Spirit to send out the first missionaries, Barnabas and Saul. They were sent out to fulfill their calling to reach the Gentile world for Christ. A calling Saul had received first at his encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road. Modern Christian missions can trace their roots to this event. The Church at Antioch set the example of sending out others to share the Gospel. What a great legacy to leave to others.

    1. Why is it important for us to share our faith with others?

    2. How can we do that in the baseball world?

    3. What legacy are we building to leave behind for Christ?

    We are all called to be on mission for Christ, reaching others for Him by the way we live our lives daily and sharing what Christ means to us when the door is open to share. That is leaving a legacy for Him!

  • May 3-Name

    May 3-Name

    Scripture Lesson: Acts 11:22-26

    Today is the birthday of Cincinnati Reds pitcher David Dewitt Bailey. You probably know him better by his nickname Homer after his great grandfather. Homer is an interesting nickname for a pitcher. By the way, Homer has given up 49 homers in 418 innings.

    In today’s Scripture lesson from Acts a shift has begun in importance from the Jerusalem Church to the Church at Antioch. The Church at Antioch was very mission minded reaching out with the Gospel. This is the Church that eventually sends out Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. The last verse of our passage today gives us an interesting fact. Antioch was the first place the disciples were called Christians. The word Christian literally means “little Christ”. That is what we are called to be as Christians, a mirror image of our Lord and Savior. The name Christian is more than who we are, it is a lifestyle! We are to live our lives as Christians as Jesus would live His life daily. What a challenge this day and every day for us to live like Jesus!

    1. What are our responsibilities to be called Christians?

    2. How do we live like Jesus?

    3. How can being a true Christian draw others to Jesus?

    We have a great responsibility when we are called a Christian to live up to the name!

  • May 2-Thinking of Others

    May 2-Thinking of Others

    Scripture Lesson: Philippians 2:1-5

    On this date in 1939 prior to a game with the Tigers in Detroit, Lou Gehrig tells his manager Joe McCarthy that he is benching himself, “for the good of the team”. The Yankee legend’s record streak which began in 1925 ends at 2,130 consecutive games played. Gehrig later that season is diagnosed with ALS and retires from baseball. He had lost the ability to play at his high level and everyone was wondering what his problem was. Gehrig, thinking only of what was best for the Yankees, took the step to bench himself. This was a very sad day for baseball, but it showed the true character of Gehrig, thinking of others more than himself.

    Paul is writing to the Philippians today to encourage them to be like minded, loving, and to have unity. He wants them to do nothing out of selfishness, but to consider others better than themselves. He wants the people to look after the interests of others. Paul calls them (and us) to have the attitude of Christ Jesus. Jesus always looked out for others before He looked out for Himself. He gave up heaven to come to this world for you and for me. If we are going to have the attitude of Jesus then we have to put others and their needs before our own. We cannot live selfish lives, we must live selfless lives. Paul is calling us today to live lives of service and love. We are to look beyond ourselves and see what we can do for others.

    1. How did Gehrig look beyond himself to others?

    2. How can we do the same?

    3. What does it mean to live a selfless life for Christ?

    Today why not find a way to serve your teammates and coaches by living the example of Jesus and having His attitude.

  • May 1-Pursue

    May 1-Pursue

    Scripture Lesson: 1Timothy 6:11-16

    On this date in 1991 Rickey Henderson surpassed Lou Brock as the career stolen base leader with his 939th steal as the Oakland A’s defeat the New York Yankees 7-4. Henderson’s goal in baseball was to pursue and break the stolen base record. Henderson also holds the career record for runs scored with 2,295, is second behind Barry Bonds in career walks with 2,190, and ended his career with 3,055 hits. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2009.

    Today’s Scripture lesson is advice Paul is giving to his young friend. Paul wants Timothy to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. What a great lesson for all of us today. If we spend our lives pursuing these things our faith will not only be strong, but we will continue to grow in our faith daily. We are called to live the right way, to take on the attributes of God, to have a strong faith, to love unconditionally, to endure through the tough times of life, and to be gentle as we live for Him. Paul also wants Timothy to hold on to eternal life that he received when he made his profession of faith.

    1. Have we been pursuing the things Paul wanted Timothy to pursue? Which one is the easiest to do, the hardest to do?
    2. How can we grow in our faith by pursuing these things?
    3. How can we hold on to our eternal life as believers?

    Rickey Henderson was relentless in his pursuit of the stolen base record, may we show the same pursuit of the things Paul calls us to pursue today!

  • April 30-One Mistake Can Hurt

    April 30-One Mistake Can Hurt

    Scripture Lesson: Ecclesiastes 9:17-18

    On this date in 1967 the Tigers are no hit by Orioles’ pitchers Steve Barber and Stu Miller. The Tigers still manage to win the game 2-1. An error by Baltimore shortstop Mark Belanger allows the winning run to score in the top of the 9th.

    The writer of Ecclesiastes teaches us some great lessons today, the quiet words of the wise are to be listened to more that the loud words of a ruler of fools, wisdom is better than weapons of war, and lastly one sinner can destroy much good. When we sin we can hurt more than ourselves. The consequences of our sin can affect and yes sometimes destroy those around us. It is so important to live our lives without sin and when we do make a mistake and sin to repent and ask forgiveness. Our sin can hurt more than us.

    1. How can our sin affect others?
    2. Why is it important to live as sin free as we can?
    3. What does our sin have the potential to destroy?

    Let’s heed the words of the writer today and remember our sin can destroy much good.

  • April 29-Never Done Before or Since

    April 29-Never Done Before or Since

    Scripture Lesson: John 1:10-14

    On this date in 2002, Brian Sprout a Division 3 All-American becomes the first and only player in the recorded history of baseball to hit for the home run cycle in order. The St. Olaf College slugger hits a solo shot, a two-run homer , a three-run homer, and a grand slam in four consecutive at bats during a 39-4 rout of Augsburg College. Never done before or since!

    We find in John’s Gospel today something else that has never been done before or since. The Word (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among us. From the beginning of time the Word was with God and was the agent of creation. Jesus left the glories of His heavenly Home as God’s Son to come to this world in the form of a man. Jesus came to this world for only one purpose….to pay the price for our sins and mistakes by dying on the cross.

    1. What does it mean to you that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”?
    2. What did Jesus give up to come to this world?
    3. Thank Him for loving us that much!

    Jesus gave up the glories of heaven for us, to come to this world, to suffer, and die for our sins. He paid the price for us, a price we could not pay.

  • April 28-Hands

    April 28-Hands

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 37:23-24

    On this date in 1978, then Padres rookie Ozzie Smith makes the best defensive play in Major League Baseball history as voted on by the MLB Network. From his shortstop position, Smith ranges up the middle to field a grounder off the bat of the Braves Jeff Burroughs. The ball takes a bad hop just as Smith dives for the ball, going behind his head. Smith reaches back with his bare hand and snags the ball and pops to his feet to throw at Burroughs at first. Smith makes the Hall of Fame largely due to his great hands and defense.

    The words of the Psalmist today should indeed inspire us. If God delights in the way we live, He will make our steps sure. Even if we stumble in life and start to fall God holds us up with His hand. Talk about a great defensive play, God upholding us with His hand. What a great picture for us to see in our minds, God holding us and helping us through life!

    1. How do we make God delight in our ways?
    2. What does it mean to you tht our steps will be firm?
    3. How can God keep us from falling in life?

    What a blessing for us today to know that God is leading us through life with His loving hand!

  • April 27-Leader

    April 27-Leader

    Scripture Lesson: Micah 2:12-13

    On this date in 1983, then Astro pitcher Nolan Ryan breaks Walter Johnson’s 56 year old record by striking out Expo pinch hitter Brad Mills, on a 1-2 curveball, in the 8th inning for his 3509 career strikeout.

    The prophet Micah talks about the people moving forward and at their lead is the Lord. What a great picture for our lives today. We can move forward in our lives when the Lord is our leader. We must remember that the Lord has to be in charge of showing us His way in life. Too many times we think we know what is best and we, by our actions, want to show God where we should lead Him. It is important to know that the all-time leader in our lives must be God!

    1. Why should God lead our lives?
    2. How do we let Him do that?
    3. Where is God leading your life today?

    Nolan Ryan is the all-time strikeout leader in MLB history. May God be our all-time leader in life living!

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