THE Complete Game

The Complete Game

  • September 30-Witness

    September 30-Witness

    Scripture Lesson: Revelation 1:1-3

    On this date in 2009 Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles sets a Major League record for doubles by a switch hitter in a single season with a third inning double against the Rays in St. Petersburg. Roberts 56th double is one better than former record holder, Lance Berkman. I have had the privilege of knowing Brian for many years. The thing that stands out for me is not all the things he has accomplished on the playing field, it is how he stands us for his faith. Brian is indeed a witness for Christ in how he lives and how he plays the game.

    The beginning of the book of Revelation, talks about John being the witness to everything he saw , the Word of God. The same call is for all of us today. We need to tell others what God has done for us and share His Word with others. The call to share our faith is a call to every believer. God needs us to let others see Him in the way we live our lives each day.

    1. How can people see God in our lives?

    2. Why is it important to share Jesus and His story to others?

    3. How does our daily quiet time and studying of his Word help us to reach others for Him?

    As believers, we are the hands, feet, and mouths of the Savior in this world. Let’s use all we have for His glory and His Kingdom.

  • September 29-Low

    September 29-Low

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 29:25

    On this date in 1968 in the year of the pitcher, Carl Yastremski wins the American League batting title with a .301 average the lowest championship average ever. Second place batter Danny Cater of the A’s hits .290.

    Sometimes our fears can bring us down to the low of lows. When fear has gripped our lives we are often rendered helpless. Fear can and often does paralyze us in daily living. Most of us in our lifetimes will experience this kind of fear. The writer of Proverbs reassures each of us today. All we have to do is to trust in the Lord and we will be safe. The next time you feel fear creeping into your life, stop, pray, and trust God to watch over you and keep you safe. What a great promise from His Word!

    1. When was the last time you were afraid?

    2. Describe how that made you feel.

    3. Why is this verse so reassuring for you?

    God will always be there for us when we put our trust in Him.

  • September 28-Stand in Awe

    September 28-Stand in Awe

    Scripture Lesson: Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

    On this date in 2008 the Houston Astros set a new National League record for fewest errors committed in a season. The 67 Houston errors are one less than the record shared by the 1999 Mets and the 2007 Rockies. This is a record to be in awe of indeed.

    Our Scripture lesson today is all about how to approach God. We need to come with few words before Him. The last part of verse 7 holds the key. We need to come before God in awe. Sometimes in our daily lives we lose the sense of awe when it comes to god. We get so busy accomplishing everything on our to-do list, we tend to overlook just how awesome God is. It is so easy to take God for granted. We pray to Him and worship Him and cross off another thing on our list. God deserves our awe…..there is none like Him!

    1. Why should we be in awe of God?

    2. Why should we approach God with few words?

    3. Ask for forgiveness for not spending time with God in awe of all He is and all He does.

    Take a few moments in silence now to spend time with god reflecting on His majesty and greatness.

  • September 27-Close

    September 27-Close

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 119:145-152

    On this date in 1931 the National League batting race goes down to the last day. Chuck Hafey of the Cardinals wins the batting crown by hitting .3488. Bill Terry of the Giants hits .3486 and Hafey’s teammate Jim Bottomley hits .3481. This is one of the closest races for a batting crown in history.

    Our Scripture lesson today is from the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119. In this stanza of the song, the Psalmist is calling out to God for His help. The Psalmist has obeyed and learned from God’s Word His entire life. While He is asking God for His help, the psalmist realizes that God is close to him and will always be there for him. What a reassurance for each of us today, when we need Him the most God is always there. Even when we can’t sense His presence, God is always close to us. This is just another way God shows us He love us!

    1. Describe a time God was there for you.

    2. Why should we be confident that God will always be there for His people?

    3. Thank God today for always being close to you.

    We can go through life and all it brings to us with confidence God will always be there for us!

  • September 26-Wins

    September 26-Wins

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 21:30-31

    On this date in 1979 Phil Niekro gets his 20th victory of the season by beating the Astros and his brother Joe 9-4. The Niekro’s are the only twenty game winners in the National League and are only the second pair of brothers to win 20 games in the same season (Gaylord and Jim Perry). Phil Niekro will finish the season 21-20 as the first pitcher to win 20 and lose 20 in the same year in the National League since 1905.

    Our verses today from Proverbs remind us all where victory rests. Nothing this world can throw at us can succeed against the plans of the Lord. When God is in it, God is going to win it! We can make all the plans we want and prepare for moving ahead in life, but victory rests with the Lord. When God is leading us we will win at life and we will be able to accomplish great things for Him. If we want to win at life, we will go with God.

    1. Describe a time you went ahead of God and did not consult Him for guidance.

    2. How did that turn out?

    3. Take time today to ask God for guidance and to give you the victory in life.

    If God is always on the winning side, why aren’t we always on His side?

  • September 25-Age Does Not Matter

    September 25-Age Does Not Matter

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 92:12-15

    On this date in 1965 at a reported age of 60, Satchel Paige becomes the oldest player ever to appear in a Major League game. Pitching for the Kansas City A’s, he blanks the Red Sox for three innings giving up only one hit to Carl Yastrzemski.

    Our verses today refer to the flourishing of those who live righteous lives. The righteous will flourish like a palm tree and like one of the majestic cedars of Lebanon. Because they are planted in God’s house they will flourish. Even in old age they will flourish and bear fruit. We will be productive for God’s Kingdom bearing fruit as long as we live righteous lives. When we live for Him we can produce fruit for Him! We are to live for Him until He calls us home. God has great plans for us to serve Him.

    1. What does it mean to live a righteous life?

    2. What does it mean to you to flourish in God’s work?

    3. Describe the feelings you have when you accomplish something for His Kingdom.

    I am grateful God wants us to serve Him and that He does not care about the date on our birth certificate.


  • September 24-Broken

    September 24-Broken

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 51:14-17

    Today is the birthday of Pirates pitcher Jeff Karstens who on September 19, 2011 gave up only one run in losing to the Diamondbacks 1-0. The only run of the game came on a broken bat home run by Justin Upton.

    Today’s Scripture lesson is the Psalm David composed after the prophet Nathan confronted him after his affair with Bathsheba. He pleads with God to cleanse him from his sin. David is indeed a broken man and in verse 17 comes to realize what it takes to come back to God. David writes what God wants is a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart. Sometimes we are too easy on ourselves when we sin. As a believer we know that if we ask for forgiveness we will receive forgiveness. When we sin we need to realize that our sin does the same thing to Jesus as nailing Him to the cross. Our sin should cause our hearts to break. Only God can put that heart back together after our repentance and confession?

    1. Does forgiveness bring restoration and joy?

    2. Have we taken forgiveness for granted? Why or why not?

    3. Describe a time sin broke you and what God did to retore you to Him.

    Sin not only hurts us, it separates us from God. It is time to come home to Him with confession and repentance.

  • September 23-Death

    September 23-Death

    Scripture Lesson: 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

    On this date in 1949 before the game, Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veeck and a few players hold a funeral service to bury the 1949 pennant in center field. Yesterday the Indians were mathematically eliminated from the American League pennant race.

    These words from Paul to the Church at Corinth are often used to bring comfort in funeral services. The reassurance for a believer is that death holds no victory over us. God has given us the victory over death through Jesus Christ our Lord. As a Christian we need not fear death, for death for us is just moving on to our heavenly home. None of us want to die but we know for each of us that day will come. When that day comes we can face it in faith knowing we can share in the victory Jesus won over the grave.

    1. How did Jesus win the victory over death?

    2. How can we share in that same victory?

    3. Why is it important to tell others about Jesus and the victory He has won over the grave?

    Thank God today for the victory over death that is ours through Jesus Christ.

  • September 22-Made

    September 22-Made

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 139:13-14

    On this date in 1925 Burleigh Grimes and accounts for seven outs in just three plate appearances. The Dodger pitcher hits into two double plays and in his third plate appearance Grimes hits into a triple play. On the day Grimes made seven outs!

    Two of the most beautiful verses in all of Scripture are these two verses from Psalm 139. The Psalmist knows God has created him and put him together in his mother’s womb. He wants to praise God for he is wonderfully made. He knows all God’s works are wonderful. What a picture of God’s care for us. It is as if God put us together and everything God does is great. What a blessing indeed to realize what God has done for us in creation!

    1. Look in a mirror and thank God for making you as He did.

    2. Thank Him for your friends and family.

    3. Praise Him by living for Him today!

    God made us in His own image and He made us well!

  • September 21-Giving

     September 21-Giving

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 11:24-25

    On this date in 2001 the Mets donate their day’s pay which totals almost $500,000 from tonight’s game with the Braves at Shea Stadium to a fund for the families of firefighters and policemen killed in the World Trade Center. This is the first game played in New York since 9-11.

    The writer of Proverbs gives us once again some very wise advice. He tells us that those of us who give freely will be given even more, while those who hold back in giving will face poverty. We cannot out give God. When there is a need around us, God expects us to give. Whether it is money or our time and talents, God loves to see His people respond to the needs of others. One of the biggest blessings we can receive this side of heaven is to be able to give to others to meet their needs. May we be ready to give what we can when we see a need around us!    

    1. Why is it important to give to others?

    2. What happens to a generous man?

    3. I want to challenge each of us today to try to out give God by meeting the needs of someone today!

    When we attempt to meet the needs of someone else we are doing exactly what Jesus would be doing!

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