THE Complete Game

The Complete Game

  • October 20-MVP

    October 20-MVP

    Scripture Lesson: Acts 9:10-18

    On this date in 1988 Orel Hershiser pitches a four-hitter and Mickey Hatcher and Mike Davis hit two-run home runs to give the Los Angeles Dodgers a 5-2 series clinching victory over the Oakland A’s. Hershiser became only the third player to win the MVP in both the playoffs and the World Series.

    Today’s Scripture lesson gives us the story of a MVP of faith. When the apostle Paul had his experience on the Damascus Road with Jesus, giving his life to Him, he became blinded by the light of Christ. Before meeting Jesus, Paul was the chief persecutor of the early church and was on his way to Damascus to imprison Christians. But Jesus had different plans. The blinded Paul was taken into Damascus. The Lord came to a disciple named Ananias in a vision and told him where to find Paul and to go to him. Ananias reminded the Lord, as if He needed reminding, of who Saul was. Jesus told him that He had called Paul to carry His name to the Gentiles. Ananias could have refused to go, but he was obedient and went to Paul. When Ananias approached Paul and called him brother the scales fell from his eyes and he could see. Paul got up and was baptized. Ananias was a true MVP of faith by being obedient and allowing Jesus to use him!

    1. Who is an MVP of faith you know? Why?
    2. How can we become a MVP of faith?
    3. What is Jesus calling you to do for Him?

    Ananias was a MVP of faith because he was obedient and allowed Jesus to use him for His glory. Jesus is just waiting for us to follow Him and He will make us all MVP’s of faith!

  • October 19-Being a Witness

    October 19-Being a Witness

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 14:25

    On this date in 2007 the Kansas City Royals hired Trey Hillman to manage the team. Hillman a successful skipper in the Minor Leagues and in Japan, never played or managed in the Big Leagues. The 44 year old Hillman spent 13 seasons in the dugout in the Yankees farm system. It was during that time that I took my then young children to a Minor League game. They had a ball and got some autographs and were so excited when they came back and Hillman had not only signed the ball but put Philippians 4:13 under his name. “ Look Dad, he put a Bible verse.”

    Our Scripture lesson today from the book of Proverbs reminds us a truthful witness saves lives. One of the greatest ways you can witness on and off the field is to sign autographs with your favorite Bible verse. You can also put the verse on the underside bill of your cap. When we are not ashamed of our faith and we use opportunities to share His love by sharing His Word, we have potential to bring someone to Christ. Take advantage of every opportunity to be a good witness for Christ!

    1. How can you witness on the field for Christ?
    2. How can you witness off the field for Christ?
    3. Why is there such an urgency to be a good witness for Christ?

    Something as simple as a Bible verse reference under an autograph made a difference in the lives of two children. Let’s be a good witness for Christ in how we live each day!!

  • October 18-Fooled

    October 18-Fooled

    Scripture Lesson: John 7:45-52

    On this date in 1972, with runners on second and third in Game 3 of the World Series, Johnny Bench strikes out looking with a full count when he is fooled by a trick play. The Cincinnati slugger believes he is going to be given an intentional walk after A’s manager Dick Williams visits the mound and catcher Gene Tenace returns to the plate signals for the wide ball four. However Tenace quickly crouches behind the plate and receives the called strike three fastball from Rollie Fingers.

    The Temple guards were given the orders to arrest Jesus and bring Him to the Pharisees. But much to the chagrin of the Pharisees, they came back empty handed. When asked why they did not bring Jesus in they replied, “No one has ever spoke the way this man does.” The Pharisees accused the guards of being deceived or fooled. What they experienced was the power of the words of Jesus that touched their hearts. My friends today may the power of the words of Jesus touch our hearts in a way that we live more like Him and more for Him!

    1. How does Satan try to fool you today?
    2. What tricks has Satan used on you?
    3. What does it mean to you to have Jesus touch your heart?

    May the words of our Lord inspire each of us to make a difference for Him today, as we strive not to fall for Satan’s trick plays.

  • October 17-Earthquakes

    October 17-Earthquakes

    Scripture Lesson: Matthew 27:54

    On this date in 1989 as the Giants and A’s are getting ready for Game 3 of the World Series , the Bay Area is hit by a massive earthquake. The game is quickly postponed by Commissioner Fay Vincent, and he wisely orders the evacuation of Candlestick Park.

    Our Scripture verse today is the reaction of the Roman soldiers who were at Calvary guarding the prisoners on the crosses there. When Jesus died it was about 3pm. The sky was dark, storm clouds came, an earthquake shook the area, and the veil in the Temple separating the Holy of Holies ripped right down the middle. They exclaimed,” Surely He was the Son of God.” Hopefully we do not need a major earthquake to not only proclaim Jesus as the Son of God, but to live for Him each day. The darkest day for humanity was the day Jesus died, but yet it brough the brightest of lights just three days later when Jesus rose from the dead on that first Easter morning!

    1. Has God ever “shaken you” to the core to get your attention?
    2. Why is it important to proclaim Jesus as God’s Son?
    3. How can we live our lives to show that Jesus is not only God’s Son but our Savior?

    May this day and every day, both on and off the field, the world be able to see Jesus is God’s Son by the way we live our lives!

  • October 16-All Things Are Possible

    October 16-All Things Are Possible

    Scripture Lesson: Philippians 4:13

    On this date in 1969 thanks to a Ron Swaboda double and two Oriole errors, the Mets win their fourth straight World Series game5-3. Jerry Koosman pitches a five-hitter and the Mets do the impossible and beat the highly favored Baltimore Orioles 4 games to 1. No one gave the Mets a chance to win, yet on that chilly fall day in New York it was the Mets who celebrated the World Championship.

    Paul is writing to the Church at Philippi these very familiar words found in chapter 4 verse thirteen. He reminds them and us today that there is nothing we cannot do through the strength God gives us! No matter how rough life gets on or off the field, god will always be there for us giving us what we need! Paul says we can do everything, not some things, not a few things, but EVERYTHING. The key is doing it through Him and being in the center of His will.

    1. Spend some time right now asking god to show you His will for your life.

    2. Is there anything in your life you need the reassurance of God’s promisw found in our verse today?

    3. Why should this verse give us confidence to thrive on and off the field?

    The Mets accomplished what the so called experts said was impossible, they won the World Series. God is waiting for us to go through life doing what the world says is impossible for His Kingdom. Live today with confidence and faith!

  • October 15-Covered

    October 15-Covered

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 85:1-3

    On this date in 1917 the Chicago White Sox win the World Series in six games by defeating the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds 4-2. When the New York infield leaves home plate uncovered in the fourth inning, Eddie Collins scurries home scoring the eventual winning run with the Giants third baseman Henie Zimmerman chasing him.

    The Psalmist reminds us today that God has not left our sins uncovered. He has covered them and has forgiven us. All of that was made possible by what Jesus did for us on the cross. Once and for all time Jesus covered our sins and mistakes by dying on the cross. Jesus was sinless, yet took our sins upon His shoulders and the weight of all mankind’s sins! Because of His death and resurrection, we don’t get what we deserve from God for our sins. Jesus has it covered for us! There is no greater gift of love ever given!

    1. What would happen to us if Jesus had not covered our sins?

    2. Take time now to confess any sins that we might not have confessed.

    3. Thank God for His gift of love in covering our sins!

    When the Giants did not cover home it cost them the World Series. When God covered our sins it cost Him the life of His Son. That gift of grace can give us eternal life!!

  • October 14-Being Wrong

    October 14-Being Wrong

    Scripture Lesson: Job 34:10

    On this date in 1984, with the Tigers leading 5-4 in the 8th inning of Game 5 of the World Series Kirk Gibson hits his second home run, a three run shot into the upper deck, putting the game out of reach and giving the Tigers their fourth World Championship. Padres manager Dick Williams had ordered his pitcher to intentionally walk Gibson, but Goose Gossage convinced his skipper he could get Gibson out. Gossage was proven wrong two pitches later.

    In our Scripture verse today, Elihu reminds Job and his other friends that God does not do wrong. Old Testament thought was when a person did good, God blessed them and when bad things happened to people it was because of their sin. Job had lost his children, his wealth, and his health. Job’s so called friends remind him it must be because of his sin. We know that bad things can and often do happen to good people. Even in the midst of a warped theology Elihu makes a great point….God does no wrong. May we be very careful not to blame God when bad things happen, may we just rely upon Him!

    1. Does God make mistakes? Why or Why not?

    2. What happens when we make mistakes? Do we take the blame or do we try to deflect the blame on others?

    3. Why does God want us to realize that He is always there for us?

    Goose Gossage made a mistake when he pitched to Kirk Gibson and Gibson hit the mistake into the upper deck. We can be assured today that God does not make mistakes and he is always there for us.

  • October 13-Hurry to Help

    October 13-Hurry to Help

    Scripture Lesson: Psalm 70:1-5

    On this date in 2001 being down 2 games to none in the best of five series, The Yankees staved off elimination by beating Barry Zito and the A’s 1-0 thanks to the shutout pitching of Mike Mussina and Mariano Rivera along with the fifth inning home run by Jorge Posada. Shortstop Derek Jeter backing up an errant throw down the first base line, flips the ball home to cut down Jeremy Giambi as the potential tying run. Jeter’s hustle and great play will be remembered as one of the greatest in post-season history.

    David is asking for God to “hurry”. He needs God to help him and help him right now! David knows God is his deliverer and his help. He needs God right now. There are times in each of our lives when we need God right now. We can’t wait and know He is the only answer. Even in the midst of David’s trying time, he pauses to rejoice and be glad in God as well as exalting His name! God will always be there for us when we need Him. May we be like David and offer our praise to Him and always remember even in the midst of tough times to rejoice and be glad in Him. David still needs God to act and act quickly, but he has taken the time to praise Him and exalt Him!

    1. Describe a time you needed God to hurry and help.

    2. Did you take time to praise Him in that tough time? Why or why not?

    3. How will you face those tough times that will come in the future?

    May we always remember that God deserves our praise and adoration and even in the toughest times we need to take time to rejoiced and be glad in Him!

  • October 12-The Impossible Dream

    October 12-The Impossible Dream

    Scripture Lesson: Matthew 19:23-30

    On this date in 1967 the Boston Red Sox’s impossible dream came to an end. Cardinals ace Bob Gibson pitches his third complete game of the series defeating the Red Sox 7-2. The team’s slogan, “The Impossible Dream” is based on the song from “Man of La Mancha”. The song became popular as the Red Sox who finished in 9th place a year ago wins the American League pennant on the season’s last day over three other teams. The Red Sox only fell 1 game short of their “Impossible Dream”.

    In our Scripture lesson today Jesus reminds his disciples how hard it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven. The rich young ruler had just turned away from Jesus when he would not put everything including his money after Jesus. Jesus reminds the disciples all things are possible with God. Sometimes we face what may seem to be an impossible situation with no answers or no way out of trouble. God is always there for us and He is the God of the impossible. The harder times get in our life, the more we need to put our faith and trust in God. We are blessed as believers with the gift of eternal life that can help us through any difficulty the world throws at us! God will always be there for us.

    1. Describe a time things were tough in your life.

    2. Did God help you through the tough times? How?

    3. Is following Jesus the most important thing in our lives?

    Life sometimes looks and feels impossible to deal with a nd get through. May this day and every day we remember that God is the God of tough times and the God of the impossible!

  • October 11-Cheering

    October 11-Cheering

    Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 15:30

    On this date in 2010 with their 3-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves in Game 4 of the NLDS at Turner Field, the San Francisco Giants advanced to the NLCS to play the Phillies. After the last out of the game, the Giants’ players come on to the field to salute and cheer for the opposing manager Bobby Cox, who is retiring at after 29 years in the dugout.

    The writer of Proverbs reminds us today that a cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news gives health to the bones. It is important to celebrate the good things of life. The Giants players in the midst of their joy stopped to than someone who had given so much to the game, Bobby Cox. God brings special times to us in our lives in order for us to be able to celebrate great things for others. I bet God was smiling in heaven when the Giants did just that!

    1. When is the last time you celebrated someone else who did something good?

    2. How did it make you feel?

    3. Why is it important to be cheerful and share good news with others?

    Let us be sure to not miss the next time we can celebrate for someone else!

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