February 22-Manager

February 22-Manager

February 22: Manager


Scripture Lesson: Exodus 17:8-15


Today in 1934, George Lee Anderson is born in Bridgewater, South Dakota. He will be given the nickname Sparky, play 152 games for the Phillies in 1959, and never play in another major league game. Sparky Anderson’s greatest talent was in managing, and he would go on to win 2,194 games and capture World Series championships in both the National and American Leagues as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds and the Detroit Tigers. Sparky was always quick to give the credit to his coaches and players.


Today’s text describes a battle early in the Hebrew people’s history, and it is the first time we meet Joshua, who is in charge of the army. Moses, as Israel’s leader, announced that he would hold up his staff during the battle. As Moses grew tired, the staff would lower, and when that happened, the Israelites would begin to lose the battle. Finally Aaron and Hur came to hold up Moses’ hands, and the Israelites won the battle. It took everyone working together to bring about the victory. Just like in baseball, it takes not only the manager, but the players and coaches working together in order for the team to win. Sparky and Moses could not do it alone, but like the good managers they enlisted the help of others.

  1. Christianity is best lived with others. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

  2. Who is on your team to help you grow in your faith?

  3. Who do you need to ask to help you manage the Christian life?

God meant for faith to be lived out in community, find that community and get involved with others living for Him.






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1. Adriana wrote:
Fear is no match for those that have God on their side. I love this saying.this is my words of the day. I tend to worry alot koinwng that God is on my side. I love the Lord and I also fear the Lord. The Lord is unpredicable, and I know he only going to do what best for me.Pray for me, May god take care of me and the children.May God supply all the neccsary thing that I need to live happily and peacefully. Amen. Pray for me I will be going back to school this fall. amenThanks

Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 7:12 AM

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