January 26-Joy

January 26-Joy

January 26: Joy


Scripture Lesson: John 15:9-11


Today is the birthday of baseball’s funny man, announcer Bob Uecker. Playing catcher for several teams, Uecker had a very undistinguished big league career as a player, hitting only 14 HRs with a career average of .200. Yet, he has become one of the best loved men in baseball because of his work as an announcer (Hall of Fame in 2003) and his ability to use the game to make us laugh, often at his own expense. “When I came to bat in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and two outs,” he once said, “I looked in the other teams’ dugout and they were already in street clothes.” Bob Uecker has a great sense of joy in his life and shares that joy of the game with us freely.


These words from John’s Gospel were spoken by Jesus to his disciples on the eve of His death. He wanted the disciples to know the key for having joy in their lives. The keys are to remain in His love and to obey Him. When we do those two things, Jesus tells us we will have His joy in our lives and our joy will be complete. Our joy is not complete when we don’t obey or love. Sometimes we wonder why we aren’t happy and why things seem to not go our way. Our joy should be based on loving Jesus and serving Him. If we are struggling with the absence of joy in our lives, then we must look to see if we are truly obedient loving followers of Jesus.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your joy, with “1” being little joy, and “10” being abundant joy.

  2. Now rate your obedience to God, with “1” being not obedient, and “10” indicating that you follow God closely.

  3. Do the numbers match? What does that tell you today?

Jesus wants each of us to experience a joyful life. He has given us the keys: loving and obeying. The choice is ours today, let’s choose joy!!





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1. Sherrie Kern wrote:
Hi David,
We received an email from a kid in Georgia that has a passion to reach his team (we believe high school) for the Lord. He said he would like a printed list of tips he could refer to everyday and go over every night. First thing I thought of was to take him to the website to read your devotionals every day. His name is Zach Langley so you might be hearing from him in this comment section. Lord bless!!!!!

Thu, January 26, 2012 @ 4:12 PM

2. Deepak wrote:
Mr Uecker I was born in 1972 so as far as I know, you are the only announcer the Brewers have ever had! I statred following closely during the magical 1982 season and would hide a radio under my pillow and listen to you on WEVR 106.3 in River Falls, WI. Your stories are the best, your views on life, baseball, and your own place in the world are as entertaining as any. Just a afew weeks ago in New York you had Bob Costas in the booth, and between you, Corey, and Bob it was as entertaining as anything I have ever heard!! No matter if they are winning like in 1987 during the streak, or having a sub .500 season you make it all for great entertainment. I know the players and community love you and so do I, after all these summers listening, you are a family member to me. My 12 year old son does not realize how lucky we are to have you. We would drive 5 1/2 hours as kids to see outdoor baseball (not that crap in the Metrodome 45 minutes away) and I would get as big a thrill seeing Robin, Paul, Coop, Gorman, as I do see ing Bob Uecker in the WTMJ booth at County Stadium. I know your sense of humor and most jokes point directly at you, but you area Hall of Famer in every sense of the word. Get well soon not having you on the radio leaves a huge hole for us True Blue Brewers fans Aaron RivardSomerset, WI

Mon, May 21, 2012 @ 8:55 PM

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