June 19-Back and Forth

June 19-Back and Forth

June 19: Back and Forth


Scripture Lesson: Titus 2:11-14


On this date in 2008, in his first Minor League appearance, Staten Island Yankee hurler Pat Venditte, Jr. pitched a scoreless ninth inning against the Brooklyn Cyclones. The ambidextrous pitcher managed to strike out a frustrated Ralph Henriquez to end the game. During the at bat, the unhappy switch hitter had sought an advantage by changing batter’s boxes each time Venditte got set to pitch either right- or left-handed, delaying the game to adjust his shin guard each time. Finally, the umpiring crew told Henriquez that he must first select a batters’ box, and then the pitcher would be allowed to declare which arm he would use for the pitch. The intriguing at bat can still be seen on YouTube.


Paul warned Titus, as he would warn us, not to go back and forth in our faith. The world’s way is to live for ourselves and for what we want. Paul wants all of us to live Godly lives that are self-controlled and upright. Too many times we go back and forth between what God wants for our lives and what Satan wants us to do. Satan can really make sin look good, but it is still the same – sin that draws us away from God and His purpose for our lives. Just say “No” to Satan and “Yes” to God.

  1. How do we win the daily battle between what Satan wants and what God wants?

  2. What teaches us to say “No” to Satan?

  3. As people of Christ, what should we be eager to do?

God has given His best for each of us: we should give our best for Him! Today and every day, may we all say NO to Satan and YES to God.


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1. Leydi wrote:
(i echo meems and not just because you want to hug her) the wife of my frmeor singles branch president would like to remind you that it's endowment, singular, just one and that you RECEIVE something that sacred, you don't just get it. i'll leave her snotty tone out, though. she was so harsh in telling me that, almost a decade ago, that i kind of huffed internally and wanted to discard her tirade. years later, i am reminded of it frequently (most people say get endowments like i did) and, having received my endowment in the interim, understand why get rubbed her the wrong way. separately, the night before our sealing, my (lds) mother-in-law (who'd always wanted to see any of her inactive kids go to the temple) threw a temper tantrum, caused a huuuuge fight, screamed and shouted, and tried to tell my husband he should be visiting a divorce attorney and not the temple. it makes me laugh when people talk about satan interrupting temple plans or the likes because, well, the description kind of fits, ha! after only two hours of sleep and with ridiculously red puffy eyes, i kneeled at an altar with my husband. i'm sure his mother was thrilled that it would now take more that just an attorney to get rid of me.

Mon, October 15, 2012 @ 2:06 AM

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