May 14-Nickname

May 14-Nickname

May 14: Nickname


Scripture Lesson: Genesis 35:9-10


On this date in 1950, Pirates first baseman Johnny Hopp helped his team crush the Cubs by a score of 16-9. The Nebraska native went 6 for 6 with two home runs. His teammates have nicknamed the All-Star infielder “Hippity.”


In our passage for today, we read of how God gave a new name to Jacob. The name “Jacob” could be translated as “trickster.” But God gave him a new name, “Israel,” which means “he struggles with God.” In ancient times, a name was more than just what a person was called. It was thought to have significance in giving insight to the person’s character. Just as Jacob had deceived Esau, stealing his birthright, he now was moving into a different part of life. After wrestling God, Jacob also reconciled with his brother Esau. We remember him the father of 12 sons who would become leaders of the 12 tribes: the patriarch of the people of Israel.

  1. What is the best baseball nickname you have ever heard?

  2. Why did God give Jacob a new name?

  3. How did you get your name?

Spend some time today thanking God for your name and asking Him to empower you to serve Him wherever you might be today.

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1. Ezequielito wrote:
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