Thou Shall Always Be Encouraging

Thou Shall Always Be Encouraging

The Second Commandment of a Christian Baseball Parent

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage encouragementone another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” Encouraging words will build up our children in every area of life but especially in the game of baseball. Baseball is a game that you can fail 7 out of 10 times to get a hit and be an All-Star Major League player. I have never known a player to hit 1.000 for the year or a pitcher to never give up a hit or walk during a season. Baseball is a game where we need to deal with failure.

When we take the time to examine not only our words but our tone and body language, sometimes it is not a pretty picture. Instead of building up our players we have had often times the opposite effect. It takes on average 13 positive statements to offset one negative statement. How many times have we said something to our child as they have played the game, we wish we could have taken back? How many times have we come across harsh and uncaring? Sometimes we get so focused on winning and losing we lose focus on what is the most important, our children. We want them to succeed, to enjoy the game and be happy playing baseball. Here is a word of warning to those of you who coach your children, we are often much harder on our own children and less encouraging to them because we expect more from them. It is even more important for the Dad who coaches to realize the most important relationship on the team is with his son or daughter! We are only coach for a season, but Dad for a lifetime!

Take a few moments and look up all the verses in the New Testament about Barnabas, whose name literally means “Son of Encouragement”. Barnabas had faith in Paul when no one else did in Jerusalem. He stood up for John Mark when Paul lost faith in him. Where would we be without Paul’s writings and the Gospel of Mark? God calls each of us as Christian Baseball Parents to be a Barnabas in the life of our players. We need to be encouraging, positive, and building up our players every opportunity we have to do so!

Here are our challenges. Let’s stop and think before we speak. How are our words? Are they encouraging and uplifting? How is our tone and body language? Will you commit to a Barnabas in the life of your player, to be encouraging, uplifting, positive ,and building them up as they play the game?

If we will take the time to meet these challenges I will guarantee you as parents will enjoy watching your player more and your player will enjoy playing more. When we master encouraging behavior as a parent, I am sure it brings a smile to the face of our Lord! Would not Jesus do the very same thing? Blessings!!

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