June 8-Hidden Sin

June 8-Hidden Sin

June 8: Hidden Sin


Scripture Lesson: Genesis 3:1-13


On this date in 2007, in the third inning of a game at Phoenix’s Chase Field, a surprised Albert Callaspo was tagged out by Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo just as he took his lead from second base. Callaspo was a victim of the old hidden ball trick, having failed to notice that Lugo never returned the ball to the pitcher after the previous play. The Diamondbacks lost the game 10-3.


Our Scripture lesson today is about the fall of man when the serpent’s questions led Eve to sin by eating fruit from the one tree God had commanded them not to eat from. When Eve offered the fruit to Adam, he ate it, too. Eden was an ideal home where God would come down from heaven and spend time with Adam and Eve. After disobeying, however, when they heard God approaching, Adam and Eve tried to hide. God knew what had happened to them. Their sin caused them to try to hide from God. Just as Adam and Eve could not hide from God or hide their sin from God, we cannot hide our disobedience.

  1. Why can we not hide our sin from God?

  2. What happens to our relationship to God when we sin?

  3. What restores us to fellowship with God?

The hidden ball trick may work from time to time in baseball. The hidden sin trick never works with God.


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